OPG Valter Šarić - OleaPrima

The family farm olive groves are located across the Vodnjan area. The first olive grove at the San Antonio area is situated on a south facing mild slope overlooking the Pula waters and the Briuni archipelago, while the second olive grove Male’-Sercole is situated on a west facing slope abundant with sunlight overlooking the sea and Barbariga. The distance between the sea and both olive groves is 1,5 miles (2,5 km) as the crow flies making it a location that traditionally, and as far back as the ancient Romans, yields superior quality olive oil with distinctive flavors and aromas. The third olive grove is situated a few kilometers north of Vodnjan or more precisely just above Majmajola on the Stancija Falaš hilltop graced with an exquisite view reaching as far as the sea. An area covering 4,5 hectars is planted with approximately 1700 olive trees of indigenous varieties amongst which there are 500 buža vodnjanska, 600 leccino, 400 istarska bjelica, 150 žižolera and 50 rosignola olive trees. The olive trees are grown using a traditional method, olives are handpicked and cold processed on the same day in plants that hold a “green” EMAS certification. The harvest usually begins on October 10, and ends some twenty days later at the end of the month.

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