The Šarić family farm from Vodnjan

The Šarić family farm from Vodnjan has been in olive growing since the year 2000, when the first olive grove comprising some 80 olive tree seedlings was planted. The olive growing story does not start in this point in time, but goes way back. The oil we make is the product of love for the soil that has been running in our family for generations. Even as young children we followed our parents and grandparents into the olive groves where we shared our concerns about the olives, we went to harvests and learned all the secrets needed to produce superb extra virgin olive oil.

Organic producer

Due to an ever greater demand for high quality products in 2010 our family farm engaged in organic olive oil production and organic olive growing. In 2011 the family farm was registered in the Croatian organic producers register. We are members of “Eko Istra”, an association of certified organic producers. Olive growing and olive oil production methods are changing by the day and therefore we constantly strive to improve our professional skills and keep up with the trends in order to achieve a superior oil quality. These are the reasons we have decided to share some of our love and passion with you, olive oil lovers.

EVO Olea prima

In 2019, EVO Olea is certified by the European and Croatian protected designation of excellence in extra virgin olive oil Istria. Participation in the quality system for the product Istria / extra virgin olive oil Istria, co-financed by European Union funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, EU share 85%: RH 15%.



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